Tarot and Oracle Decks Coming to Altar in 2021 {PART 1}

Tarot and Oracle Decks Coming to Altar in 2021 {PART 1}

Well hello there Altar fam! This is our very first blog post and I am so excited to be sitting down, writing and (hopefully) connecting with you all :).

So I threw it out there on our Instagram and I asked if you all would like to see what tarot and oracle decks we have set to arrive at Altar in 2021.. and the resounding answer was yes!

So here are our incoming decks for the first half of this year...
(Please keep in mind that some of these dates are estimates as COVID is still playing havoc on production and shipping times.. Especially to us all the way down here in Australia!)
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Gothmancy: Divination & Darkness Tarot Deck
Written and created by Stephanie Alia with illustrations and design by Daniela Efe
Release Date: AVAILABLE NOW!
Now I’ll be honest.. I have been eyeing this deck off since before I started working on launching Altar - this deck was screaming directly at the 16 year old goth girl inside me that never died. It truly is the ultimate goth, sub-culture indulgence and it is such a delight seeing how the tarot has been interpreted through this subculture.
From Edgar Allan Poe representing the Hermit to Elvira representing Nine of Pentacles, The Addams Family representing Ten of Pentacles and my personal favourite.. The one and only love of my life - Peter Steele from Type O Negative as the Knight of Wands. I could honestly go on and on about all of the goth, punk, rock and new wave references but there is really just so much to discover in each card. 
One thing I really love about this deck is how the sub-culture references don’t stop at the imagery, the little 116 page guide book really delves deep into what inspired the imagery of each card. There is everything from documentary recommendations to poetry excerpts and songs that served as inspiration. It really aids in immersing yourself into the magic of this deck.
Throw on some black lipstick, hit play on some Placebo and dive deep!

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Alcheringa Oneiromancy Oracle Deck
Written and created by Stephanie Alia with illustrations and design by Daniela Efe
Release Date: February 20th (1pm AEDT) (NOW SOLD OUT)
Seeing as we have already established the powerhouse creative duo that is Stephanie and Daniela I am really excited to also be offering the Alcheringa Oneiromancy 52 Card Oracle Deck. Inspired by Stephanie’s experiences with dream work and healing. I am always on the lookout for decks that encourage, inspire or directly delve into shadow work, and this is definitely one of those decks. 
Working through the deck I have so many favourites it really is hard to speak about one, but the Missed Opportunities card jumped out at me straight away as if it was plucked directly out of my dreams. It gives big ‘Sliding Doors’ vibes (if you remember that epic 90s Gweneth Paltrow movie) and represents a pretty common theme in my dreams - that I always seem to be working through alternate realities and ‘what-ifs’. 
The 61 page guidebook includes 2 sample spreads as well as reversal interpretations, which is a delight to see as I tend to find this is much less common with oracle decks guidebooks.
The thing I love most about this deck is the fact that it beautifully and very equally intertwines strong dream imagery and themes while balancing darker and more confronting topics. Stephanie has really outdone herself here and the muted colour palette is to die for.

✹ ✹ ✹
Amor Et Psyche Oracle
Created by Rachel Paul & Georges Barbier
Release Date: Late June/Early July 2021
This yet to be released oracle deck delves into matters of the heart by drawing on ancient Greek art and mythology. Very few previews have been released online but the small amount of imagery I have come across tells me that although this is the perfect to dive deep into love, it will definitely be a fantastic deck for working with archetypal connections.
Despite this deck being at pre-release stage, I couldn’t pass up injecting some gorgeous classical art into our tarot and oracle offering.
(I am a sucker for ancient Greek imagery, if you haven’t already noticed from our busts and sculpture range)
✹ ✹ ✹
Guide to the Strange and Eternal Tarot 
Created by Marcail Madorum of Cosmic Butcher
Release Date: Late June/ EarlyJuly 2021
The best way to describe this epic acid trip of a deck is to use the words of the creator herself; with this deck ‘you will scream into the void and it will scream back’. The imagery for this deck will absolutely stop you in your tracks and force you to take notice, it beckons you to fall down a rabbit hole of infinite wonder and cosmic mystery.
Both the major and minor arcana have been replaced, an extra major arcana card (The Battle) has been added and extra court cards have also been thrown into the mix! All to draw you deeper into this alternate and explosive exploration of tarot. The Tower is now The Portal, Strength is now Eternal Forge and new minors include Chains, Chalices, Daggers and Keys.
This deck is in no way soft and fluffy, it is here to challenge and it is hear to throw you out of bed in the morning. Throw a one card pull on your altar to really get that energy stirring!
✹ ✹ ✹
Reclaim Oracle Deck
Created by Marion Costentin
Release Date: April/May 2021 (NOW SOLD OUT)
Earlier in the blog I mentioned that I am always on the lookout for decks that focus on shadow work and this gorgeous 88 card oracle deck was created for exactly this. Befriend the shadow with this trauma-sensitive, body-positive deck.
Marion, the creator of this gorgeous deck, urges us to us heal our emotions and reclaim our missing parts. Through the creation of this deck she has brought to life a self-care tool and a companion for the emotional healing process. Despite being a monochrome deck, the gorgeous imagery invites us into the darkness with a gentle warmth and understanding that embodies a gentle energy which urges us to look inward with kindness.
Some of themes the cards touch on include Denial, Control, Loss, Detachment as well as Lust, Appreciation, Curiosity and Purpose.

✹ ✹ ✹
Celestial Bodies: Astrology and Numerology Oracle Deck and Guidebook
Created by Devany Amber Wolfe of Serpentfire
Release Date: July/August 2021
One of the most hotly anticipated releases in the tarot and oracle community in a very long time, Celestial Bodies takes Serpentfire’s renowned collage art and elevates it into another dimension entirely. Anyone who has experienced the beauty of Serpentfire’s previous decks understands  just how magical the imagery is, and how luxe the quality of these decks are.

This new deck is jammed packed with all of the foundational aspects of astrology (signs, houses, planets, moon phases etc) and numerology. The incredible 370 page guidebook goes on to include special sections on eclipse seasons, retrogrades, aspects and aspect patterns, your natal chart, and more. The numerology section dives into how to calculate your numbers, and what they mean.
This deck is Devany’s biggest project to date and she has faced more than a few obstacles in bringing this to life (I myself, as a Serpentfire customer have actually had my personal pre-order in for this deck since late 2019). COVID drastically slowed down production and most recently (and incredibly) the sea freight journey that this shipment had finally been on was involved in the worst sea freight disaster in history! The ship that the decks were travelling on (and the deck I will speak about next!) was hit with rough waters and 2000 shipping containers went overboard. Despite these wild obstacles, it has been confirmed that the decks are safe and sound and on their very slow way to their (almost final) destination.

As you can imagine, the anticipation is pretty palpable, and I am so excited to be able to offer this deck at Altar!

✹ ✹ ✹
Serpentfire Tarot
Created by Devany Amber Wolfe of Serpentfire
Release Date: July/August 2021
This incredible deck, first conceived in 2011 by Devany has been through many iterations and this 7th release will be the very final edition. This is the original Serpentfire deck that started it all and the imagery, as always, is incredible.
‘Sci-fi ultra femme desert dreaming cards for your inner wanderlust’ as described by Devany herself, this deck has been loved by beginners and seasoned tarot readers alike.
This gorgeous deck is currently snuggled up next to Celestial Bodies on its slow journey across the ocean, but its journey won’t be complete until it finally hits the Altar website later this year!

✹ ✹ ✹

So that is it for now my lovelies! I’m truly bursting with excitement to share all of these decks with you!
We do have a few more headed our way which I haven’t mentioned here.. But I think it’s important to keep a little mystery sometimes, don’t you?

Oh… and for all of you waiting for some of our sold out decks - we now have a feature on the website where you can enter your email address to be notified of a new stock. Our sold out decks are currently on backorder with our suppliers and we hope to have them in the next 3 months or so. (As you can imagine, COVID is still wrecking havoc on international postage, so I appreciate your patience!)

Until next time...
Stay Curious! ♥️