About Us

 Well, hello there! 

Thank you for taking the time to delve a little deeper into the who, what, when where, and how of Altar.
My name is Nicole and I am the creator of this little online haven.
Altar. was born out of my love of all things woo-woo, esoteric, mystical, and just bloody aesthetically inspiring. After years of collecting (and occasionally selling) crystals, and more years intrigued, inspired, and drawn to anything (for lack of a less cringe term) ‘new age’, I said;
“THAT’S IT! I must share my loves with the world”.
I have spent a good chunk of this year passionately reaching out and connecting with Australian and international creatives alike to put together an eclectic collection of modern ritual wares to adorn both your space and mine.
2020 has been a wild one. Despite a 15+ year career in customer service and retailing, the dream of curating my ideal selection of spiritual wares was always a distant fantasy. Like most of the world, this year threw me more than a couple of curve balls, and after my career prospects took a substantial hit due to COVID-19, and I bounced around several homes living out of boxes, the universe screamed NOW!
I’m no self-proclaimed spiritual guide, inner work guru, or master Wiccan herbalist (I love yoga - but I’m still shithouse at it!), but years of collecting and surrounding myself with things that inspire me, I have learnt the importance of cultivating a space that is your own. Whether big or small - ridiculously ceremonial or humble and discrete, a space to represent you, your passions, and a space to inspire is vital to connecting with the self and explore what it is to be here in this existence.
I am so excited to delve deeper into the unknown and share these gorgeous tools I find along the way while also bursting to connect with each of you who are also curating your own sacred spaces.
All my love,