**DUE TO ARRIVE SEPTEMBER** Moon Baby Tarot by Brant Palazzo

**DUE TO ARRIVE SEPTEMBER** Moon Baby Tarot by Brant Palazzo

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Directly inspired by the famous Hoi Polloi tarot from the 1970s, Brant brings to life this gorgeous deck in a way that can only be described as a faithful love letter to this iconic 70s interpretation of the classic Rider-Waite. For many in the tarot community, the original Hoi Polloi has been loved and lusted over as an iconic but often untouchable collector item either due to its scarcity on the market or just how exxy these decks can be when in sold in good condition. This is a modern but true to style re-imagining of the original.


  • Printed on blue-core standard playing card stock with a matte finish
  • Matte baby pink edging
  • Hard two-piece box in a matte finish
  • Each deck will be individually numbered

Nic from Altar says;
'I've got to say that Brant has done just such a gorgeous job in bringing this modern recreation to life. The Hoi Polloi has been a deck I have shamelessly stalked across the internet for a while now and if I am honest, I truly think Brant's interpretation is more gorgeous than the original.'